We are the Lapeer Tea Party Patriots. We are Mom's and Dad's, Grandma's and Grandpa's, Republicans and Democrats, and just regular Americans who care and are very concerned about the nation we will be handing over to our children. With the outrageous government spending and huge budget deficits, our goal is to help bring public awareness to what is going on in our government, and to encourage people to be active participants in our government. We as Americans,  need to be making phone calls, writing letters, and e-mails and hold our elected officials accountable for the legislation they enact on our behalf. Our founders dream was a government that was by the people, of the people, and for the people. Our weapons in this fight are our voices and our pens. We encourage every American to exercise their their right to participate in the greatest country in the world.

The wonderful lady that got our group off and running is Danette Starr Lowery. Here is a little history on Danette -

I am a home school mom of three kids.  I am not a professional organizer.  I have never handled media outlets or campaigns of any kind. (Except for my run for student council president in high school!)  I had heard about the TEA Party rallies taking place across the country in the winter of 2009.  As the months went on, there started to be talk about rallies on April 15th that would be called “Tax Day Tea Parties”.  I was hoping that one would be planned in the Lapeer area.

By the beginning of March, it did not seem like anyone was organizing one for this area.  I thought about trying to plan a rally, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it.  However, I was troubled by the news coming out of both Washington and Lansing about our economy, our national debt, and the rate at which the government was spending money!  I was also concerned about the increasing amounts of intrusion the government was exerting in American’s personal lives.  Finally I decided that I would try to organize a TEA Party for Lapeer County.

I was able to join forces with Dave Wheeland, who also wanted to see a rally take place.  Together we started planning what we hoped would bring out about 75 people to peacefully demonstrate and exercise their right to free speech.  As the day grew closer, I found myself doing newspaper and radio interviews.  The day before the rally, Dave and I were on the evening news for a Flint TV station!  I had a sense that we might have a few more people than originally planned.

On April 15, 2009, I stood on the porch of the Historic Courthouse in Lapeer and looked out over a crowd of 650 people.  I saw and heard people that described themselves as Republican, Democrat and Libertarian.  There were men in business suits and men in work boots.  Ladies came on their lunch break and ladies pushed baby strollers.  Some sat in wheelchairs and others stood proudly.  People carried signs that addressed tax dollars being spent on everything from foreign oil to abortion.  We heard songs and listened to speakers and some in the crowd even spoke at the microphone.  The hallmark of the day was that it was a peaceful demonstration in a public square with Americans exercising their right to free speech.  It was a beautiful sight.

I expected life to settle down and return to “normal” on April 16th.  But I awoke to find my phone still ringing off the hook and my email box full.  People were asking for more!  They didn’t want “it” to end with April 15th.  I soon learned this was a phenomena occurring all across the country!  People were unhappy with our government and they wanted to DO something.  They wanted a collective voice to reach our elected officials.  They wanted fiscal responsibility and representation OF the people.  They wanted the America that others have fought and died for not to be snuffed out by the very government that had been defended.

Thus, the Tea Party movement was born.  We are truly a grassroots organization.  We are not backed by a political party.  We do not have wealthy sponsors.  We are not politicians.  We are ordinary, hard working, average, American citizens that want the best for our children, grandchildren and all future generations.  We love our country and think it is the best on earth.  We want her preserved, forever the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We believe that in our numbers there is strength.  In our voice there is power.  In our silence there is defeat.  We, The Tea Party Patriots, will raise our voices!  May God Bless America!

Danette Starr Lowery

Lapeer County Tea Party Patriots